Interview with fIXE Magazine

Posted by Amanda Coban on Wednesday, March 7, 2012 Under: Modelling.
I'm excited to reveal that an interview I did with fIXE Magazine is now online, and for once, I was the interviewee!

The questions were mainly regarding my fetish influenced shoots, as well as pin-up and retro culture.

Take a look here!  NSFW!

There are also some images along with the article for you to enjoy!

Photo credits:
Kevin @ Follyhouse Photography - West Mids, UK
Carsten @ FoCuseD Photography - West Mids, UK
Chris @ Christopher Pease - South East, UK
James @ James Reynard - South East, UK
Mendoza @ Retro Photostudio - South East, UK
Unknown @ LAFW '09 - South East, UK
Rob @ RG Photography - South East, UK
Robin @ Robin Christopher - South East, UK 

Below is a screen-capture of their homepage in March '12. Right click the image, and select 'Open image in new tab' to view larger version.

In : Modelling. 

Tags: fixe magazine fetish shoots "pin-up" retro article interviewee poppy scarlet 
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