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Posted by Amanda Coban on Wednesday, July 18, 2012 Under: Interviews/Features.
  •  I'm proud to say I started my new role as Bizarre magazine's Communities Editor on Friday 13th July 2012. Now I run the whole of the YourBizarre section, including Reader's Art, Reader's Letters, Reader's Body Art and the Bizarre Ultra Vixens.
  • My April Flores article came out in the latest issue of Bizarre - issue 191. It's six pages of her interview and smokin' hot pictures.. make sure you get a copy before the new issue comes on the shelves!
  • My new tattoo is booked for 10th August at Black Garden Tattoos with Tutti Serra in Covent Garden - 4 days after my 24th birthday. Very exciting!
  • Also.... Frances Bean Cobain replied to one of my tweets. Best. Day. Ever.
I'm super tired after replying to hundreds (no exaggeration) of emails all day, so this blog post is nonsense.

In : Interviews/Features. 

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